From bringing your ideas to life to keeping your budget in mind, our winning combination of innovative design, sophisticated fabrication, and consistent branding ensures value to help you grow.


Our designers take information from the sales rep and design a custom preliminary drawing of the sign for your approval. This is the best time to make any changes to the design. Once the design is approved to your specifications, it is then sent back to the sales rep for bidding.

Permitting / Engineering

Once a deposit and a signed proof have been received from the client, we will determine if the sign needs to be permitted. All of the information about the sign will be submitted to the appropriate city’s permit office. The time frame can vary for each city’s permit office, so please keep this in mind. Sometimes a permit office will require stamped engineer drawing of the sign, but this is not always the case. If so we will then submit the drawings to our engineer to have these made before sending to the permit office.


When the permit has been issued for the sign, the sign will be placed into the production queue to be built from your approved drawings. The time frame of each sign can vary from project to project due to each project being custom and being different. No two projects are the same. The tentative time frame should be determined at the time of sale.

Follow - Up

Once the sign has been built and quality inspected, the client will be sent photos of the project to ensure everything is to specifications before the sign is installed. We will then collect the additional balance of the sign at this time and the sign will be scheduled for installation.


Our certified and trained installers will take great care of the sign. They will safely and properly install it. Most signs generally take one trip to complete, but depending on the type of sign it could take multiple trips